Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update and a Poem

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Mary's horrible death.
I have posted some pictures to share because I am at a loss of words right now. You see, Pete and I just got back from the cemetery. We found the baseball, right where David had placed it and left flowers from Jeni and the cardinal figurine from David. I had tried to reach the cemetery yesterday so that we could find Mary's exact burial spot, but will have to wait until tomorrow when they are open. I plan on going back again soon and placing some kind of temporary marker until the headstone comes in.

This picture is Mary's brother, David, and I at the cemetery Friday.

These are the flowers taken in Pete's car on our way to the cemetery. Pretty, huh?

Here is a picture of the flowers, cardinal and baseball.
Two Friends by Laurie Kolp
(dedicated and written for her friend Mary)

True friendship was found in autumn
between two women who were
bound by the similarities of their past.

In winter they visited over coffee daily
as they shared their hopes and dreams
creating a bond that would last.

Spring blossomed like a flower of promise
and hope that their friendship could get
them through life’s troubles so vast.

Until the day before Easter
when their friendship died.
One took her very life
and the other survived.

Now they continue as friends,
for their bond would not end
only seeing each other
as feelings within.


Jeni said...

Oh Laurie ~ this is such a beautiful blog.... i looooove that poem. The pictures are Incredible!!! I tried to open and save the ones of you/David & the flowers w/baseball & cardinal but they didn't open big :(... can you email them to me?
I'm e-mailing you the picture of the flower ring that Lisa/Kelsey & me have. I wish I could mail you one, but it was a traveling jeweler during the Holidays. maybe he will return this year. Thank you for you love & support this whole year through.

kerri Timothy said...

Thanks for all you do to keep Mary close to us. If it wasn't for you, Jeni and cardinals...I would be a lost cause. I am glad that you are there to stay close to Mary's burial site. I know she isn't really there in spirit...but it means a lot to know someone is looking out for her. It is a blessing to know that you were with her so close to the end of her life. What a gift she was able to share. I look forward to talking more with you in time. The peace I have is to remember how Mary is up in Heaven playing with my little boy, Joshua. I am sure they are having a lot of fun. I miss the both of them sooooo much. Oh, and thanks for being there for David. He was like a brother to me for many years. I always called him Davie when we were younger, but I guess everyone grew up! Thanks, again! You are wonderful!!!

Take care,

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

What a beautiful tribute. I hope I leave friends behind hat would remember me in such a way.