Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beyond Green

You can sit by a green river flowing 
beneath tourist-packed streets 
drink green beer, share stories 
about kissing the Blarney Stone
and four-leaf clovers 
found in fields of green 
stretching on and on and on 
like the depth of your green eyes 
luring me in with unspoken words of love
words I know I can make you say, change
the feelings you hide. When I look deep enough, 
I see a faint spark lurking in those green eyes. 
It calls to me, begs for me to pull it out 
from places deep within, the light 
before a train appears 
in a tunnel-vision mind
your mind, the spark 
I know is there.


A Poem a Day said...

I love this so much! Such powerful imagery.

A Poem a Day said...

Feel free to check out my poetry blog :))

Wendy Bourke said...

Nuanced and layered - much like people, relationships and life. Enjoyed this yearning glimpse beyond green. Lovely writing!

Brian Miller said... is beautiful that you see that within them...hey i have green eyes as well...

great to see something by you again laurie...