Friday, May 7, 2010

Flattened Heart
by Laurie Kolp

A forewarning said it’s fragile
precautions should be taken,
this forgotten treasure
old memories long forsaken.

Finally found betwixt the mess
of scattered dreams intangible,
how long it was furloughed
formed an icicle, frangible.

When did the fabric of life
become a fictitious façade,
this fathomless front
with fear the firing squad?

Like a furrowed relic,
her once flattened heart
began to flitter gradually;
effervescent love restarts.

by Laurie Kolp

“Plan for the worse,
and hope for the best,”
an old friend used to say;
I thought he was cursed
with pessimism
to think that way.

Yet who was I to judge-
fantasized optimism
constantly let me down;
false expectations,
imagined outcomes
shattered my crown.

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