Thursday, May 20, 2010

P is for Pete, and more...

Tonight Pete and I went on a date to a very exclusive establishment in town.  We went to a dinner/speaker function for the Propeller Club.  The food was a wonderful buffet, and the two speakers were interesting.  The first was from the Army and spoke about the ports around town.  The other speaker was from the Coast Guard and talked about the oil spill and how it will effect the shipping industry.

Now back to Pete.  We sat at a table with some other people from his work, and we were talking about the crazy hours they have.  Ships come to port 24/7, so the guys have to be available (thank goodness Pete is manager now and only goes out on emergencies). 

This story was part of tonight's conversation:  Pete and I were living in my one bedroom apartment until we found a house.  One morning I woke up and noticed Pete wasn't in bed.  I knew he was out on a ship, but he should have been home by then.  I walked out into the living area, passed right in front of the couch and straight to the phone (all before I turned on any lights or made coffee).  Back then Pete had a pager so I called it to make sure he was okay.  All of the sudden I hear a strange vibrating sound from behind.  Right as I turn around, I see Pete pop up and reach for his pager while blurting obscenities.  He had only gotten home an hour ago after working all night, and I woke him from his deep sleep.  I am so glad we can laugh about it now. 

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Jeni said...

yeah, that's got to be so nerve racking! There are some dangerous jobs out there that have to get done. Just don't like it when its someone we love.