Thursday, October 21, 2010

George the Cat
by Laurie Kolp

George was the exhaustive type of cat
that mischievously pushed his limits
and then pulled his way back into your heart
like the rope we used for tug-of-war.

George was an entertaining type of cat
who loved to purr and cuddle in your lap
after a fun round of pawing at catnip
or going crazy under ceiling fans.

George was the enterprising type of cat
that pooped and slept in my van one night
and scared me have to death the next day
when I opened the door to go somewhere.

George was an educating type of cat
who Daddy and baby Katie would talk to
every morning before going to work,
resulting in Katie’s first word, “kitty.”

George was the evil type of cat
that nearly starved himself to death
after the move to our new house
and was never the same again.

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