Thursday, July 22, 2010

Techno-noise is driving me nuts!

After listening to the doorbell ring all afternoon, my mind is a little frazzled.  And no, we did not have someone at our door ringing it incessantly; Katie had a friend over whose phone rings like a doorbell every time she gets a call or text message.  A-NNOY-ING.  They were texting back and forth with some friends and this went on for quite some time.   ~sigh~   Apparently even some grown-ups are addicted to texting...just ask my sister. 

Is it just me or do you notice a trend going on here; kids are getting more techno-savvy at younger and younger ages.  Katie is a few weeks shy of turning 11, but she has a cell phone WE keep for her.  She uses it when she spends the night, but Katie does not have free reign of the cell phone.

Once I dropped Katie off at another friend's house and the girl's two-year-old sister greeted us at the door.  She could barely talk but she showed us her toy and said, "iPod!"  The toddler was proudly carrying it around and showing everyone her iPod.

I was impressed when I saw an ad on one of the children's networks (Disney or Nickelodeon) teaching the kids how to be safe with technology: limit use, be careful who you befriend on social-networking sites, remember what you put out on the Internet is out there forever, the potential dangers of texting, etc.  The ad also stressed the importance of spending time with real people vs cyber-people. I remember when these channels talked about playground and bike safety rules, stranger danger and other out-dated topics.

What's next?  Before long magazines, newspapers and books will be things of the past and, just like our kids are clueless when we bring up such topics as vinyl records or cassette tapes, their kids will raise eyebrows at the mention of these paper items.  Schools, college and working will all be online, and communication with the real world will be a rarity.  I think I will start a 12-step program called Technoholics Anonymous.  Oh jeez...I think I'll be in the nut hut by then, having gone mad by all the techno-NOISE!

P.S. It rained today...

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Jeni said...

The way the world is advancing is just amazing... you're right... magazines are going to be obsolete someday. I have a friend who already started an on line magazine:! As great as it is, there are also the negatives. Gotta learn them and balance them.