Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off to the dog races

I am not sure what I was thinking when I wrote about summer boredom; I must have had brain drain or something (by the way, day 3 and the brain is still on the ceiling).  Actually, a few consecutive days of rain instigated our brief cabin fever squalor, because we really are extremely busy this summer. 

Katie is on the dance competition team which practices throughout the summer.  She is also going to a workshop in New York for a week, and I am very stressed out about that.  Everything has to be a certain way and, well, sometimes I do not like being told exactly what and how to do things- especially when it is way over the top.  So I am trying to deal with issues from my childhood that have popped up because of that.  I am excited, though, because I am flying up for two nights and staying with my sweet friend Jeni.  I will get to see Katie's off-Broadway performance and then fly back with her.

Andrew is taking Taekwondo and loving it  He gets to go as often as he likes, which is every day.  Andrew was going strong between the two weddings, but since he missed almost a week, he got a little behind.  Some of the kids were getting colored bands for their belts and Andrew got so discouraged when he did not get one... until last week.  He got his first one on Thursday and another one on Friday.  What a boost of confidence that was.  I think Taekwondo is perfect for Andrew.

Nicholas is on the swim team, which meets every day for two hours (the bigger kids go twice a day).  Some parents drop their kids off and go run errands for two hours, but Pete and I do not feel comfortable doing that.  We sit and watch...or talk...or play.  I take Nicholas when he goes in the morning and Pete takes him at night.  He likes to go at night(thank goodness).  Nicholas is also taking dance because when he saw the boys doing a hip-hop routine at Katie's dance recital, he decided he wanted to that, too.

As you can see, the dog days of summer are more like dog races for us.  One thing about being busy is that the summer is flying by.  The best thing about it, though, is that the days of boredom are... appreciated?

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Jeni said...

Wow.... Such wonderful things everyone is doing! You and Pete are wonderful parents ;)!! Looking forward to seeing you soon..., xoxo