Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby birds nice distraction

Last weekend during my computer debacle (which Pete tells me taught him more than he ever wanted to know about computers), Katie spotted a bird's nest on our front porch.  It was nestled in a corner beside the front door in a big Schefflera plant.  What a nice refreshing break from my worried mind I had when Katie shared her surprise with me.  The baby birds must have hatched not too long before because when I peeked inside the nest, their downy fir was still covered with liquid from the eggs.  I try to check on them periodically, but mama bird will not have that!  When I hear her protective chirps coming from afar and warning of danger, I quickly recoil back into the house.  I would not want her to try and move the nest.  It would be miraculous if the baby birds turned out to be cardinals, but I do not think that will happen; they are probably sparrows or finches.  I will keep you posted.

Oh...speaking of keeping you posted...THE BRAIN still sticks!

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Jeni said...

Oh how sweet Laurie.... what is the outcome? what kind of birds are they? how exciting!