Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3 Word Wednesday prompt

3WW- grace, thin, jittery

For the Love of Sports (A cascade poem)

Grace never wanted to settle down
She much preferred a myriad of men
Spontaneity fueled her lustful desires

Striking: in with looks, out with luck
A playing field, she beat thin scores
Grace never wanted to settle down

Photo trophies saved on hard drives
All the conquests mere victories
She much preferred a myriad of men

The prime of her life, a star athlete
Grace welcomed jitters as basic warm-ups
Spontaneity fueled her lustful desires

@laurie kolp


jaerose said...

'in with looks, out with luck' wonderful line..who have to wonder if those pictures will keep Grace happy for long..Jae

anthonynorth said...

Excellent words, and I agree with the above - a great line.

Kim Nelson said...

Like Jae, I really like the striking line. Clever write, Laurie.

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, I like the way this stacks up from the bottom - repeating the end line of the first stanza.

VL Sheridan said...

Nicely done. I like the repetition, "Grace never wanted to settle down". I wonder if she's trying to convince herself of that the older she gets? Great work.

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

Sheilagh lee said looks don't last substance does let's hope she has some of that. great poem.

Old Altonian said...

Cleverly written - very good!

Jessica Prescott said...

Great cascade form. Interesting thought, too. I hope Grace has a plan for loneliness later in life.