Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chasing Dreams

Regret shoved me into dusty corners
a shadow trapped in sticky cobwebs
where I dwelt on what might have been
if only I'd followed my heart.

Past mistakes made me homesick
left me crying like a freshman in August
after being abandoned at the college dorm
feeling like a mismatched china plate

and although home wasn't the most stable place for me
I longed for it because it was better than where I was
alone in a golden castle writing letters I never sent
reading them over and over while listening to our song.

I had watched you drive away without a backward glance
after drawing a map leading south and cramming it down your throat.
Now I'm sitting in the corner chasing homemade apple pie dreams
hoping for a scoop of vanilla to melt away the pain.

@laurie kolp

Poem inspired by Michael Buble's song, Home. Click here to view the You Tube video.

Prompt inspiration: Poetry Jam


Mama Zen said...

"Like a freshman in August." I love that.

Peggy said...

I like this Laurie. Interesting take-off on the song lyrics! Amazing where lyrics can take us.

Brian Miller said...

feel all the metaphors you use...and the truth in shoving a mouth down their there comes the regrets...

Helen said...

Reading your poem, listening to Mr. Buble .. a treat! Wouldn't it be great if one scoop of vanilla could erase pain!

(it does help a tiny bit)

lori said...

This is beautiful, Laurie! I love every single bit of it. Well done :)

Ray Sharp said...

Very well done; who hasn't associated heartache with a song?

Mary said...

I like it when your words take you to a depthful a place, as they do in this poem. And wouldn't it be nice if vanilla ice cream would melt away pain. (I love Michael Buble.)

Anonymous said...

don't we all turn to music for consolation or, more often i think, to pour salt in our wounds when we've had our hearts broken?

this is totally brilliant, Laurie! the ending is delicious!

thanks for sharing at Poetry Jam.

dani ♥

Eva Gallant said...

Lovely...several vivid images. I especialy like apple pie dreams!

ami de manila said...

Dream on Laurie...

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Absolutely gorgeous and bittersweet,

so good,
have a great new year,

jaerose said...

Just beautiful beginning and end lines..the lull and lift of a dream..peaceful breathing..and hopes..Happy New Year to you Laurie..Jae x

Lolamouse said...

I love this one! You show a little bit of hutzpah too ("drawing a map leading south and cramming it down your throat")! Great job!

Heaven said...

This reminds me of my young love and regrets...I really like this ~

Wish I can have some of that apple pie dreams and scoop of vanilla ~

Taylor Boomer said...

love it.
powerful emotions.

best wishes.
Happy New Year.