Sunday, December 18, 2011

Surprises of the Season

Imagine this:

All are gathered for the Christmas program. It's a packed cafeteria. Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends; the whole shebang is there. Curtain rises and a garden of feisty red and green peppers appear with mouths opened wide filling the air with Christmas music. On the stage sits your child ready to say his part (he is one of the chosen ones). It's a mock classroom of antsy kids, with risers of carolers on either side. The time finally comes and he steps up to the microphone.

"For nearly every teacher thinks these last days should be tough," he says with perfect diction and expression, thank you very much.

The next two kids say their part, and then all of a sudden there is a distinct noise coming from the top riser followed by screams and a deluge of kids darting out to the center of the floor like a mob of fans at a teeny bopper concert. sigh. At first I think it's part of the program, but then I hear the recognizable sound again. Someone is throwing up, poor thing!

Everyone watches in silence as they remove the sick child and cover up/clear away the... you know. My child and all the others stay on stage. The carolers all congregate on the other side, jam into the risers like Christmas sardines. Ten minutes later, the show picks up where it left off, and you get to hear your son say his part again.

Can you believe it? This time of year is SO full of surprises.


Monica Manning said...

Oh my goodness! Poor little thing. Well, if nothing else, that is a concert that won't soon be forgotten. And a tale that will be told for many years. Not to mention that the child in the front row picking his nose won't be noticed.

Jeni said...

Oh My! That will go down in history for all that were there. How terrifying for the mother and child who it happened to :(. Hopefully all will laugh later on ~ The show ALWAYS goes on. It's acutally those moments of interruption that are the funnest if you ask me :) ~ hehe
I love the perfection of inperfection!