Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter Surprise

Today we had a wonderful Easter! Getting ready for mass, I heard Pete exclaim, "I can't believe it!" He had found his Aggie ring in the pants he put on for church. The last time he wore those particular slacks, he had taken some clients out to dinner. Pete was certain he had thoroughly checked the pockets, but when he put the navy pants on this morning he felt something heavy against his leg. Sure enough, there was the ring that had been missing for nearly three months. The kids are convinced that the Easter Bunny put the ring there. Thank goodness I told Pete to wait before we ordered another Aggie ring. At $800.00, that is not quite in our budget right now!

Here is a picture of the kids and me before church. Afterwards, we went over to my parents house for an Easter dinner. My sister and her family were there. Her oldest, David is engaged, and his fiancee was with him. Matt, the middle child, was home from A&M, and Sarah, the youngest (a freshman at Lamar) was also able to make it. I sure do love my family! What did you do for Easter?


Jeni said...

Oh such great news :)!! What a lovely Easter you had... It's nice to be with family. I had a nice Easter this year too. A morning full of cardinal visits and a day full of love from Chad's family. My Robin followed me to his dad's house and sang its song to me from his dad's tree. We asked Nancy to sing a song for us at the wedding and his dad gave us an official engagement toast. It was a lovely day for me too. Mary was with me - i felt her in my heart.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

I had some visits from cardinals, too and felt Mary with me- I know she was!

Glad you had a nice Easter (thanks for the text). :)

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I never doubted he would find the ring. I prayed to the patron saint of lost things. I can't think of the saint's name right now but I swear it never fails. Would you believe I lost two whole bottle of
medication on Thursday. It was very upsetting since one was a narcotic. I prayed to the patron Saint & after the three of us looked everywhere in the house. I rose from sleep & went straight to the last place they could be and there they were in a kitchen drawer. I remember getting a sip of water to take my meds but didn't remember putting them there. You all made a beautiful picture. I also found some Paas dye in my cabinet after reading that you couldn't find some.This is the first year my daughter didn't bother me about dying eggs. I guess at 20 she is finally letting go of some of our traditions.