Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Train Wreck" said the Doctor

Mrs. Angelle will be ninety-four on April 26. Last May when she had her horrible accident and ended up in the hospital, Pete and I did not think she would make it to ninety-four. But she keeps hanging in there, barely. Now her legs are swollen and as hard as rocks. She can barely walk. Her heart is bothering her and she is having a difficult time breathing. To make matters worse, we are having a hard time finding a doctor that cares enough to help. Remember the last doctor I took her to vehemently told us he could not treat people over ninety after she took off her shirt for him. Well, I finally got her into another doctor who specializes in geriatrics. The whole time we were in his office, he spoke to me only and ignored Mrs. Angelle, telling me she was a "train wreck." Then he ran a series of tests on her neck, ignoring what we were in there for-her legs (he is afraid she will have a stroke because of blockage in her neck). We left without any remedy for her swelling and I had to keep calling back before I could finally get some answers for her. Is this what we have to look forward to? All Mrs. Angelle wants is to die peacefully in her home that she loves. The doctor's nurses adored her, though, and they arranged for a nurse to come and check her vitals once a week. Until then, Pete and I will do our part to make Mrs. Angelle's last days alive as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Wish us luck!


Holli said...

I hate hearing stories about how people chose to treat our elderly. Being alive 94 years is an accomplishment in itself and she definitely deserves respect. Kudos to your family for taking such good care of her.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Thanks- we adore her.