Monday, April 6, 2009

Wrecks, Hurricanes, Debts and Deaths

My Guide

Pardon me if I seem kind of bitter,
I have had a lot on my mind.
These past four years have been hell for me,
Life has not been treating me real kind.
Foremost on my mind is my family
Involved in a horrible car wreck
Totalled our car, put us in great debt
And injured my husband’s sweet neck.
Next has been the death of Mary,
A great friend I had found at last
Who could not deal with her problems
Put behind her a terrible past.
Then we’ve had two huge hurricanes
That have wreaked havoc on our life so dear
Uprooted our family for months on end
Causing damage to last through the year.
But all of this is behind me
And things are getting better each day
Because I have God to guide me
Who leads me and shows me the way.


The Voice said...

You know we are kinda like a cookie or the cream cheese marble cupcakes my daughter makes. It goes to show it doesn't matter the race life is the same on both sides. Its the 'stuff' in the middle that helps makes us what we are, but does not define us.

Your poem pretty much mirrors my life within the past four years. Wreck, debt, lose of a loved one (Tobi), hurricanes, loss of house huge changes and yet God keeps us standing and walking through.
Do you like 'Third Day'? They are one of my favorite groups. The have a song called The Sun is Shining. Totally awesome. Pulls me through all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! It's been awhile since I checked out your blog. I'm always amazed when I do, though. You are such a talented writer...and inspirational too! I also really like your Thoughts for the Week section.
I'm so sorry for all that has happened these past 4 years for you. Stay strong sweet Laurie. God will continue to see you through.

Jeni said...

So you put it all down in a sweet poem, now you can give it away. That's what I learned about reflecting and reviewing things about my life I wanted to move onward from. Write it down, read it out loud and let it go. Remember, good things come from bad and we WILL see our Mary again & she is still with us. Also:
"Struggle is natures way of Strengthening".
Love you Laurie!

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Thanks, you guys- I appreciate your comments!