Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cat on the prowl

Okay, so I'm sitting at the computer going through my nightly activities when a horrible sound fills the room.

Is it the kids? No, they're sleeping.

Did Pete turn on the radio for his shower? I think not.

Then I hear the loud sound again and recognize it at once. I am drawn to the big window at the front of our house and take a look. Sure enough, there it sits- all cunning and majestic- right under my precious birdfeeder. You guessed it- a cat! I stare at the big orange tabby staring back at me and quickly close the curtains. Then I slowly open the curtains just enough to take another peak, and the cat is still there looking at me.

I rush to the back of the house to grab my hero before he steps into the shower, but Katie stops me. She heard the cat, too. In fact, she said she heard two last night right outside her window, which is where, I might add, my birds live. We dash to the front window to look out and this time I pull open the curtains far enough for both of us to see the cat.

The cat looks at us for a minute and then dashes off to the bushes in front of Katie's window.

"Awww, how cute. Can we give it some water?" asks Katie.

Are you kidding? All I can say is that tomorrow morning my cardinals better still be there to wake me up. I like cats, but I love birds.

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Jeni said...

Hehe.... Our birds are too smart for that cat.... Furry dreams orange kitty- no birdies for you! Hehe ~ cute blog