Sunday, January 31, 2010

Most of the time...

Most of the time I love Saturdays. I say most of the time because sometimes Saturdays can get hectic with the kids' schedules, or Pete might get called into work on a Saturday. But most of the time, Saturdays are the only day during the week that I get to sleep in. Not only do I get to stay in bed as long as I want, but Pete cooks breakfast on Saturdays. His pancakes are the best, I might add.

Not only do I get a reprieve from breakfast, but Pete usually grills on Saturdays as well. His hamburgers are out of this world, and most of the time he makes homemade coleslaw (the best ever) to go with the meal.

Last night we had hotdogs and sausage on the grill with the coleslaw. I was preparing the buns when I noticed the coleslaw didn't have any tomatoes in it. Sometimes Pete purposely leaves out tomatoes, but I really like the added flair the red brings to the dish (not really- I just love tomatoes), so I asked him about it. He said if I can find a tomato in the fridge, I could add it. I knew we had one, and after searching vigorously for a few minutes, I found a Roma tomato. I diced it up, but the small tomato didn't seem to be enough. I looked in the fridge again and saw a baggie with a pickle, ONE slice of tomato and some lettuce (I keep handy for the kids). I grabbed the wee little slice, chopped it up and dumped it in the coleslaw just as Pete came in with the meat.

As we were eating, Pete gets this bitter look on his face and says, "Who added pickle to my coleslaw?"

I could not believe that one little slice of tomato with probably not even a miniscule amount of pickle juice on it could make a difference, but apparently it did. But, Pete got over least until lunch today.


Jeni said...

I'm sorry .... We all have bad days now & then! They go away ;).... Makes us appreciate the good & great days! Love ya!

LKHarris-Kolp said...

...not a bad day at fact Saturdays are always good =)