Sunday, February 28, 2010

An early morning debacle

I find it quite ironic that the very day I was to publish my article on the benefits of having pets while raising children, I should wake up to a den full of dog vomit and diarrhea. It was like an alien had invaded our home and done a number on us. Poor Nicholas was the first to discover the catastrophe when he stepped in one of the messes. After I cleaned him up, we went back to the battlefield. I turned on the lights and saw the dogs sleeping on their favorite spots and not in their kennels, which was not a good sign. Then I looked down at the floor and thought I would be sick. The "stuff" was everywhere! Next I did what any good wife would do- I went to wake up Pete. He was not very happy; I guess he thought it was a minor infraction. I let him wake up a few minutes and went to check on the coffee (which we usually make the night before), and we had forgotten to make it. Now the pukey smell was mixed with a burning odor. What happened, I wondered.

Flash back to last night and you would see me madly typing away at my computer trying to complete my article. Pete was watching the Olympics. Katie and Nicholas were already in bed, but Andrew was at a "late" birthday party. I guess Pete having to go and get him at 10:00, and then me trying to help Andrew get his shower and to bed, threw us off our normal schedules. We went to bed forgetting to lock the dogs in their kennels for the night and without making coffee.

I guess we have a lot to learn before the kids reach their teenage years.

P.S. Pete had to shampoo the carpet, and now it's better than it has been for a while. At least something good came from the whole debacle.


Jeni said...

Wow Laurie... What a strange coincidence! I wonder what they got into? That's terrible!! You handled it like a champ... Get the husband involved... Hehe! Terrible situation but great story! Thanks ;).

Holli said...

Oh my, that is not fun at all! I remember after Ellie, my Golden, got spayed, she barfed and barfed for 3 days. Those days were horrible so I sincerely sympathize.

Glad you got those carpets cleaned though!