Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine Treat

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day was full of love- mine sure was, even though I have been sick since Friday. Pete gave me the beautiful tulips and my mom gave me the carnations you see in the picture above. The children have been so sweet with warm wishes, kisses and loving all day. They know I have been sick and have waited on me so sweetly. I love my family!

I was able to sleep in and when I awoke, Pete was making heart-shaped pancakes (we had our Saturday breakfast this morning instead). When I went to get some coffee, there was a bag of bird seed on the counter by the coffee pot. When I asked what it was doing there, the kids opened the front curtains, and...

...I was surprised by this! The new birdhouse on the left was hanging next to the other feeder we have been using since Pete got me the cardinal bird stand last year. We had so much fun watching all the birds try out their new gig. Even a beautiful woodpecker joined them, along with... sweet cardinal to wish me "Happy Valentine's Day," too.


Peggy Clement said...

What a sweet and thoughtful family you have!

Jeni said...

You have the most loving family!! They love you so much - rightfully so! I love your new birdfeeder alot. I really hoor you feel better! Love u!