Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hot Grape Nuts
by Laurie Kolp

On a feeble attempt to get
acclimated after prison life,
the dry drunk decided to
join The Loner’s Club.
He walked into the first meeting
where he sat in partial silence
and listened to a short sermon
while counting dim lights on the wall.
After the impromptu presentation,
everyone gathered for a
doubles solitaire competition.
The poor man felt pretty bad
so he went searching for
some healthy fast-food
and nonalcoholic beer.
He was stumped for a while
trying to decide between
oven-fried jumbo shrimp,
turkey ham on dry toast,
or cold hot dogs.
The convict turned a blind eye
at the greasy spoon and
asked the male waitress
if he could have a big bowl
of hot Grape Nuts instead.

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