Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spending money to save money

When I was single and on my own, I would go shopping with my friends on Saturdays.  We would peruse the malls in Houston for hours and even make deals with each other, such as spending at least $100.00 or buying at least three new things.  It seemed, at the time, the thing to do.  I was teaching and supported myself, so why not shop on the weekend?

Well, now I hate to shop.  I would much rather spend my time with the family at home or writing, writing, writing.  I know Pete is grateful for that!  He has put things in perspective for me through the years.  I used to come home with an item that was "a steal" because it cost so little.  Pete didn't say much at first, but once we started having kids and the space in our small home began filling up, he started speaking up.  My wonderful husband told me this profound statement that now resonates through my mind frequently:

"How is spending money to save money really saving money?"

All of the captivating sales techniques that lure in suckers like me are simply tricks to get consumers to spend.  I must admit when I do have to go shopping for our growing children I just have to stop by my section, too.  I often waste time going through the sales racks and trying on clothes.  I collect a pile of clothes I don't really need and then end up putting them back before I leave the store.  All because I hear Pete's logic echo through my head.  Old habits die hard, but they do eventually die (if you try).

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Jules said...

Wow! That sure is a far cry from what my ex (Pete, lol) used to say:

"I didn't have it growing up and can't take it with me so I will spend it all now."

I think that logic has been biting him for several years now as he has NONE to spend. He was and is a decent man, just bad thinking.

Check out my stitching blog: I nominated you for a blog award.

By the way, the blue birds and cardinals have been playing around our trees quite a bit lately.