Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where's the beach?

We have done some fun things the past few days, but it has been much cooler and windier than I expected.  Thursday night we went to the fair and the wind was strong and cold.  We were glad we had our jackets with us.  Then Friday we made a trip to the beach on the Bolivar Peninsula (or what is left of it since Hurricane Ike).  The sun was out, but the wind was biting cold.  I had to stay in the car for a while and put on my warm-ups.  I had a cold, but now am suffering from laryngitis and a cough.  No matter what Pete says (that weather can't cause sickness), I believe being outside so much made my condition worse.  The kids were not to be stopped by the cold water, though; they stayed in it for a while and had fun letting the waves splash their legs.

We went on a walk perusing for sand dollars (remember how many we found last year?), but found none this time. We did get some other beautiful shells, though.  I was reminded of the time we stayed in a friend's beach house during the summer and had fun walking Jake, who was a puppy then, up and down the busy beach. It is sad that the house and so many other beach houses are gone. A little wall is being put up near the highway to try and keep the beach from washing it out.

 The picture of Andrew above shows my car parked on the shoulder of the highway on the right and the beach on the left.  That is all the of the beach now.  Closer to the ferry going to Galveston, some of the houses withstood the hurricane and more are being built, but it will take a long time to get there.  Until then, we will park and walk.

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Jeni said...

These are some great pictures.... what a fun time you had during Spring Break :)! Fair, Zoo, Beach!! fun fun.... I went to the beach today too ~ Jones Beach on Long Island. I'll blog the pics - i got a specail one for Mary!