Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two Years
by Laurie Kolp

It’s been two years
since I got the news
that Easter Saturday.

Eggs dyed soft colors
as you died in red,
a moment of peace
turned into shock
like clouds of darkness
with the storm,

and time stood still
as questions whirled
in my head; why did you
have to kill yourself?

Two long years of grief,
unanswered questions,
struggles within-
and now I feel
peace again.

Today I got the big purple
crate from the attic,
dust and cobwebs
disguised the box
like they fogged my mind.

I cleaned the box and
set out with a smile
all the Easter trinkets
my kids love so;

two long years led
me to that smile,
but it's been
a long road to tow.

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