Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Charlie Brown" flowers

This week, Tuesday- Thursday is teacher appreciation week at the kid's school.  Tuesday the kids are supposed to give their teacher a flower; Wednesday they are to write a note or draw a picture for the teacher: and Thursday they will take the teacher a piece of fruit. 

I must say it is hard to appreciate the teacher who called Andrew's work "pitiful," but I put my differences aside and sent him with a flower from our tulip tree ( Japanese Magnolia) today.  I had to laugh out loud  when he got in the car this afternoon and said his flower lost all of its petals before he got to the classroom this morning.  Katie's lost petals, too.  (Nicholas was home with me due to strep throat). 

Anyway, we all called the flowers "Charlie Brown flowers" and now the kids are working on tomorrow's activity.  What do you think the teacher will have to say about a teacher appreciation picture?  I feel strongly she won't use the word "pitiful" or even "loser," (which is what another teacher that was in the news called his student).  I only hope she will say, "that's beautiful!"


Jules said...

I always stand by "What goes around comes around!" I guess it was in His plans to have the flower depetal prior to delivery.

Jeni said...

I just loooooove it! it's the thougth that counts and the effort too~ you have sweet kids Laurie :)! Of course, look at their parents...love you both!