Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not another turtle

Some of you may remember last May when a turtle got lost in our house.  That's why I was so surprised yesterday when Pete carried in another turtle for the kids to see.  Of course, they all wanted to hold the wee little thing, but all I wanted was for them to get it out of my house!  Pete took the kids outside for a while and they got to see it up close.  I don't know how, but somehow the turtle ended up back in our house.  Shortly after the turtle came to visit, Pete went back outside and left us alone with him.  The kids began fighting over who was going to hold the turtle.  They all took turns and began asking if they could keep it for a pet.  I don't think so, I told them.  I asked Nicholas to put the turtle down, as I was looking for something to put it in.  Nicholas heads over to the kitchen table and is about to put the reptile down.  Luckily I noticed and could yell "NO" before that happened.

So the turtle stayed in a big blue bowl last night, sleeping with the dogs in the back of the house until Pete and I went to bed, and then he went in the garage for the rest of the night.  This morning Pete took him off to set him free; a sad day for the kids, happy for me.

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Jeni said...

Great story! Loving all the memories your making....