Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some days are just like that

Nicholas had a baseball game today.  It was quite crazy if you want to know the truth.  Pete had to work and could not come, so I had all three kids in tow.  Katie had homework to finish and since she was going to have late dance recital practice she had to bring it with her.  But she ran into some friends right when we got to the ballpark and out flew the "working on homework" idea; she spent most of the time walking around with them instead.  Andrew left right away to go watch his good buddy play over on the other side of the ball park. 

So I was left in the stands alone to watch Nicholas play while holding a little bit of this and that for the kids.  I must have looked a little odd.  Several of Nicholas' friends and kids I tutor were on the other team, so I was rooting for both sides.  One of the boys hit a ball out field and I was yelling and clapping for him, as his team made a home run and our team failed to stop them.  The parents on our team slowly turned their heads to look at me, so I sat back down.  Not long after that I heard someone calling me from the dugout, and it was not my son, it was a friend of his from down the street.

"Hey, Nicholas' mom," said the voice, then louder, "NICHOLAS' MOM!"

"What?" I answered quietly.

"Can Nicholas come play tonight?"

On a school night? At 7:00?  I don't think so.  I said, "Not tonight sweetie, but thanks.  Some other time."

And so the night went on.  We got home then had to turn around and take Katie to dance.  Luckily Pete got home at 8:00, wolfed down some dinner and went to pick Katie up while I got the boys to bed.  Andrew had the TAKS test today and finishes tomorrow, and Nicholas had a big field trip all day; they were pooped.  Sometimes our days are just like that...and then it starts all over again.

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