Saturday, April 10, 2010

by Laurie Kolp

Last night I had a dream;
I picked out a denim shirt
for your birthday present.
I searched the store
for a short line
until I came to the last
place to check out.
There you stood
with HER-
her arms around your neck
planting kisses on your lips-
it made me sick.
I walked up to the line
and all the pent up
emotions came bursting forth
like the levees during Katrina.
I yelled at her-
How could she destroy
a family,
children and spouse?
How could she steal
my sibling
away from me?
I pushed the wench away
until she finally left,
head sagging
like a wounded puppy,
and then I gave you a hug.
If dreams were wishes
everything would be
just like it once was.
Dream on, right?

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