Saturday, June 30, 2012

Debby Does Disney

Debby does Disney
in a rainbow of ponchos
that if you didn’t bring your own
cost eight times more.

Debby does Disney
in wet t-shirts and braided hair
running through puddles
like Bo Derek.

Debby does Disney-
drops temperatures, shades bodies
from an ungodly heat
beguiling flames ignite.

Debby does Disney
only the Brave endure her wrath
with a smug satisfaction
of Princess Merida.

©laurie kolp


Vince Gotera said...

Laurie, what a fun poem. I like the lightheartedness of it along with the adult-oriented commentary like "cost eight times more." I especially like the phrase "rainbow of ponchos" with the echo of the long o sound in the second syllables.

Sorry I haven't visited your blog in so long! Keep up the great work.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Haha! How could I resist such a saucy title? You worked the metaphor so cleverly - I had a good laugh.

Brian Miller said...

hehe very disney was still there? the ponchos def are better to bring with...and we cant wait to see Brave...

Eva Gallant said...

Sounds like fun...perhaps the rain was sweet respite from the heaat?

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...


SaraV said...

Laurie, you are funny! What a great title--the snapshots you created are perfect--once the kids got older, we avoid "The Mouse" at all costs, too much humanity at too close a quarters (as you poetically point out in your previous poem) Well done!