Friday, January 11, 2013

Googling SPAM

Google search
Karl (Blank)-

...(he wants to buy my pictures?)

Professional athlete
...(a sponsor?)

Used car salesman
...(mine's fine, thank you very much)

Criminal, sex offender
...(jerk off!)

Karl (Blank)
Google search


Prompt inspiration: Real Toads- Fireblossom Friday-Doubletalk


Brian Miller said...

ha....i am sure you have tried googling your can be a little's probably SPAM for a reason...smiles.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I'm so deathly tired of SPAM!! I'm so glad you have taken up the issue in this piece, Laurie.

Margaret said...

Ha. Better than "Anonymous" perhaps? :)

Marian said...

hah! and blech.

Peggy said...

Yes, SPAM indeed! Clever take on this prompt.

Mary said...

Down with SPAM in any of its presentations!!

hedgewitch said...

Slice of life, and all too true--I'd much rather have the nasty stuff in a can for dog treats.

Fireblossom said...

Watch out. You'll offend a Nigerian diplomat! ;-)

Helen said...

Oh no ... Spamalot is now in my head, can't get it out!! Really creative poem!

Unknown said...

Very clever!

Susie Clevenger said...

Spam! I hate it! You have approached it creatively and with a bite! Love it!

Dave King said...

What a funny old world this is!

Ella said...

I, too love your clever take! ;D
I also hate it!
Fun to read~

Maude Lynn said...


Vaksinius / Vaccinius said...

I don't take the message. If Karl pops up in a Google search on spam he is probably not a spammer. It is as if you google the word evil. The hits you get are presumably the opposite of evil. :-)