Sunday, June 7, 2009

Airplane Thoughts

Sitting in this airplane
I nervously chew gum
as I glance at all the people
wondering if any has a gun.

My mind wanders back
to the flights in 2001,
when terrorists took over
and killed everyone.

I look at my sweet family
and say a little prayer,
for the turbulence is awful
today up in the air.

But despite all these fears,
sinus pressure and unease,
flying beats two days driving
and our trip to Florida was a breeze.

1 comment:

jake chambers said...

laurie..alone with your thoughts in a crowded plane..and you captured them very well i might add. glad your trip turned out so well for you. disney is one trip we have yet to make. who knows if we will ever make it that far. heard a cardinal singing on a wire behind our house this afternoon and thought of your connection with the beautiful redbird.