Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Rains

Here is a picture taken after hurricane Ike.

This has been an unusually dry summer. In fact, we are in a drought and the grass is beginning to die. Let's all pray for rain. Here is a poem I wrote reflecting upon my childhood summers:

Summer Rains~ by Laurie Kolp

Memories of my childhood summers
fill me with warmth and happiness
as I recall the great times;
swimming like a fish,
sleeping like a bear,
sunning like a goddess,
having fun at the beach,
weekly trips to the library.
Perhaps the most disappointing
summer memory I have as a child
is the hot afternoon rains that would
invariably come at inopportune times
causing me to miss scheduled
tennis lessons I couldn't wait for,
swimming lessons I loved,
and birthday parties in the park.
The rains would come down
predictably each day
causing anxiety and disappointment,
but then, just as quickly as they came,
the rains would go away.


Jake Chambers said...

i remember a summer when i lived in jasper, tx....seemed like it rained every single day for a month..but like you say, it clears and you hit it again..your second wind so to speak...

my son is enjoying his summer so far....i know this because i had to remind him that his birthday was coming up in less than 2 weeks...his reply.."It is?" no clue as to what day it is....

Jeni said...

What a lovely poem of childhood summer memories... you brought me back to mine too. That's a gift you have as a writer. you spark the readers imagination. Great job. I needed a lil get away from my current thoughts. I've been crying for Mary. I miss her today.