Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Birthday...

My birthday started out lovely with breakfast in bed. My wonderful children brought my coffee in a new mug from Starbucks with freshly ground coffee from Starbucks (along with a gift certificate). Two of my favorite mugs had recently been broken - one when the kids were playing the Wii and knocked it down, the other when they accidentally dropped one while unloading the dishwasher; hence the new mug. I love it! Along with the coffee, I had Pete's infamous pancakes, strawberries and orange juice- yummy! My great family also gave me other gifts I love: a beautiful picture frame necklace where I can place a photo of the kids and wear it close to my heart, a cardinal windchime, a neat cardinal that looks like it is going through the window (see picture below), a wonderful candle and an Aggie garden gnome.
I was so full from breakfast, I decided to take a little walk. Of course, I took my camera with me, for I would never want to miss a special moment. As I walked down the street, a huge feeling of grief struck me and I began crying because I miss Mary so much. I thought to myself that maybe I should go and visit her grave soon. By that time, I was halfway down the street and guess what happened! My friend, Libby, who just got back (the same one the dove warned me about and who had a cardinal appear to her as she read my card) popped out of her house to put a letter in her mailbox. Of course she gave me a hug, and I instantly felt better! When I got home, my cardinal was munching on some birdseed, as you can see in the photo above. ( He appeared to me all day long).

After my walk, my family took me to the phone store to pick out a new cell phone! I feel like a savy chic now that I can text finally. Katie is going to show me how. (Kids are good at keeping their parents hip). Later on, I stopped by Ms. Angelle's for a quick visit. I hadn't been able to visit her much now that the kids are out of school, so I wanted to take her some banana bread on my birthday. She was delighted and I loved seeing her. After that, the family went swimming at the country club. We had a lot of fun there. It brings back a lot of childhood and teenage memories, though, and seems surreal to be going to the country club as a parent, now.

For dinner, my parents joined us at the Cracker Barrel restaurant. We had fun, although Drew started to feel sick to his stomach (perhaps he drank too much pool water) and Pete had to take him home. I got a cute outfit and purse from Mom and Dad. Here I am blowing out the candles on my carrot cake that Katie made me.

It was also my dear nephew, Matt's, 22nd birthday. We will all (my sister's family) celebrate more birthday today along with Father's day at my parents for dinner. Poor Pete, though, has to work. Oh well, we were at least able to give him his cards and present. I sure do hope he won't be too long!
I also got lovely calls from my dear friends Karen and Jeni! Thanks so much! Karen sent me a gorgeous necklace, and Chelsea and Angie sent cards, too. Many of my lovely friends also wished my Happy Birthday on Facebook. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful day. Except for the brief wave of sadness, it was a great day, and I know Mary was with me, too.
P.S. In case you're wondering- I'm still 29- can you believe it - hee-hee.


Jeni said...

That is a perfect B-day if you ask me! Full of love, your family, your friends & our Mary (the cardinal). I know you had a wonderful day! You deserve it my friend. It was nice to talk to you on your b-day too. Have a wonderful Fathers Day~ what a beautiful weekend for your kids. One day for Mommy & the next for Daddy! xoxo
PS: I have baby cardinals on my patio now. I need to get my camera.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

I enjoyed talking to you, too- as always. I love you dearly!!! Can't wait to see pics of the baby cardinals- perhaps it's a sign for you, sweet bride.