Friday, June 5, 2009

The Kid's Favorites

As promised, I will highlight what each of the kids liked most at Disney World. Pete and I loved everything- we truly can't say what was the best. Just watching our children have so much fun and seeing the looks on their faces as they explored each park was priceless.

Katie said she liked the "Festival of the Lion King" show at Animal Kingdom. Thanks to a friend, I had heard that this was a must see. The show was spectacular. Sorry the pictures didn't turn out too good, but I am getting a better camera soon.
Andrew liked the "Tom Sawyer Island" we rafted out to. We could have spent a whole day there, exploring all the amazing trails, tree-houses and kiddie play area. There even was a place to play Checkers. I was a little nervous as we walked over a rickety bridge because Drew had fallen on one in preschool (as stated in a previous post), but we ventured well.

Can you believe that out of all the parks, scary roller-coaster rides, spectacular firework shows and parades, Nicholas still liked swimming at the hotel the best? This really does not surprise me because when I was a kid the swimming pool was always my favorite part of our vacation!
P.S. Don't worry. Drew and I went to the coolest video arcade while they went swimming.

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Jeni said...

This is such a treat to learn about all the adventures that Disney has to offer - through you first hand. It may be for kids, but it looks like a place that Chad & I would looooove! Maybe next summer!! We have friends that live in Lithia & Tampa too. I always loved the pool the best too ;)