Monday, June 22, 2009

Hip- Hip Hooray!

I wish this was bigger, but in case you're wondering, the note says,
Thank you for contributing your story to "Christmas Miracles." We're excited about the book and look forward to its great success. "Christmas Miracles" will release in October. You will receive complimentary copies from the publisher at this time.
~Twila Belk
Manager/P.A. of bestselling author Cecil Murphy
(Publisher: St. Martin's Press)

Can you believe this came in the mail today, along with the check for my story? I am now an officially payed author!!! Yippee- I'm doing the victory dance across the living room floor. Maybe this is the beginning of what's yet to come? I sure hope so. I'll be busy typing away, submitting stories and posting on my blog. Until then- thank you- keep coming back!


Lisa Grissom said...

Congrats!!! That's definitely reason to dance a jig!

jess said...


Jeni said...

Hard work, determination, perseverance and love for what you do pays off! It always does. Great Job Laurie. Can't wait to read your story! I'm so proud of you.

Holli said...


Jake Chambers said...

HEY! You Go Girl! Congratualtions Laurie...that is really neat. How cool can that feel...