Monday, June 22, 2009

Choosing Battles

Nicholas in his new cowboy boots our neighbors gave him for his birthday (thanks Charles and Monica). He is sooo funny. Yesterday, Pete had to work and so he wasn't able to go to church with us. (Amazing how different Nick acts when Pete's not there)! Anyway, Nick dressed himself in a long-sleeved shirt, jeans and his boots.
"Nicholas- it is boiling hot outside. You CANNOT wear that long-sleeved shirt to church," I said.
"Oh, mom. I'll be fine," argued my youngest.
I proceeded to go over to him and try to take the shirt off, to which Nick wrapped his arms tightly around himself so I couldn't do anything.
Sometimes you just have to choose your battles.
I decided to let it go, for I knew Nicholas would be hot soon enough. So when we got to church, guess what? He complained of being hot and not wanting to be there. Surprise, surprise! Maybe next time he'll listen to his momma!
Nicholas at swimming lessons! He finally got the hang of it and is now an official swimmer! Yeah- no more swimming lessons for this family.

Today is the first Monday of summer that it seems we don't have any pending plans. Up until now we have been busy with swimming lessons, birthdays and Vacation Bible School. It will be so nice to have nothing "scheduled" (except for my tutoring, which is in the morning). This afternoon, Nini is taking us to the movie! My poor sweet Pete had to work most of the day on Father's Day, so hopefully he will be able to spend some time at home today! Happy Monday everyone!


Jake Chambers said...

laurie...there is something to be said about being busy as opposed to having idle hands... but with a team of kids / players that you have there...your schedule is only going to get busier. enjoy your slack time when you get it and i know you will never take it for granted.

kids are God's gifts to us...he chose you to be these lucky kids mother.

how cool is that?

seems there were alot of birthdays recently... my daughter turned 26 on son will be 14 on july 3rd...and the wife will celebrate another birthday on july 17th...(age not choice)

take care...and let the kids dress themselves every once in a while....

Holli said...

Laurie, where are you doing swimming lessons? Is it open to the public? I'm dying to get Gabi in swimming lessons this year and have had no success in finding something for her. Your advice would be great appreciated!!!

Jeni said...

You're a good mommy! He learned the hard way... oh boy ~ sounds like a stubborn one :) ~ have fun!! Yay for being a swimmer. you got a lil fish now. less to worry about too. xoxo