Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All of the sudden it's too hot

It seems like as soon as June 1st arrived, the heat has crossed the line from bearable to miserable.  Just last week I was walking everyday at 2:00 and now I can't bear the heat.  What happened?  One thing I do know is that school should be out already, but the buses are still running.

This has been a very interesting and exhausting week; I can't believe it is only Wednesday.  So far we have had three field trips, two picnics (one at the school, the other at a park) and two awards ceremonies.  Tomorrow we have another field trip and awards ceremony.  The kids finish up on Friday with a half day.  We are all eagerly awaiting that day.

Here are a few highlights so far:

1. Andrew's awards ceremony was the first awards ceremony for the school.  Traditionally the entire grade level assembles in the cafeteria, each teacher says something special about the kids, and then hands out awards as proud parents look on.  Since we are in a "portable school" this year while the new one is being built, there is not enough space to get everyone together inside.  So someone thought it would be nice to carry this traditional activity outside.  A tarp was put up big enough for only half of the parents, and the children had to sit in the blaring hot sun for an hour and a half.  To make a long story short, a girl passed out from heat exhaustion and Andrew's face got sunburned (had I known they would be in the sun, I would have applied sunscreen).  They also went outside for PE and recess and to tell you the truth, I think Andrew had heat exhaustion last night.  The school decided to hold the rest of the awards ceremonies in each teachers classroom.

2.  Nicholas got a very unique award made only for him.  When his teacher called him up to receive his awards, she talked about the "personality" in the class (not just Nicholas).  She said that because Nicholas can talk his way out of just about anything, he gets "The person most likely to become a lawyer" award.

3.  Katie has been all over the Golden Triangle the past couple of days; the Stark Museum and Shangri La in Orange, and the Gulf Coast Museum in Port Arthur.  Each day they followed up with lunch and play at area parks.  Katie's awards ceremony is tomorrow, but she did receive a nice medal today for her musical competition that made it to state.  Her beautiful piano piece, Music Is.. was part of the national "Reflections" competition. 

                            Hopefully tomorrow it will rain!


Holli said...

What unique and accomplished children you have! I know you are so proud! :)

Jeni said...

That is so wonderful!! Great blog post.... great kids come from great parents!! Kelsey & Brett got some great awards too. Both got all A's & B's for the last 3 years :)!