Monday, June 7, 2010

Bored already?

I knew Saturday when Nicholas blurted out, "I'm bored!" at 9:00 a.m., less than 24 hours since school let out, that we would be in for a long summer.  Blowing bubbles, walking around with old school boxes on your head shouting, "I have a box on my head," and watching the Mad Hatter do his dance over and over and over again can only entertain him for so long. 

With all the summer activities we have planned, none of the kids should be bored for very long.  Saturday at 9:05 a.m., we signed up for the library's summer reading program.  Katie and Andrew love to read, but to get Nicholas to read, someone has to listen to him read aloud.  If not, he will take a Harry Potter book, disappear in his room for a few minutes, and come back out waving the book and proclaiming that he is done reading it.  Katie is the only one who reads books in one day.

Swimming is a favorite around this house.  The hours for free swim are limited this year because of a swim team moving to the club, but that's okay; we signed Nicholas up for the team.  The others did not want to participate (Katie is in competitive dance and Andrew is in Taekwondo), but Nicholas loves it.  In fact he is barely tired after his long practices.  A never-ending appetite might put a damper on our grocery bills, though.

Another thing we usually do in the summer is have a garage sale.  The kids are cleaning out their rooms and getting rid of "stuff" they no longer want.  Of course it practically takes an act of Congress to get them motivated.  The boys share a room so disagreement is sure to take place, followed by having fun with newly rediscovered toys.  Katie tends to brilliantly rearrange her mess, letting go of very little.  Even so, we end up with a nice assortment of items for the garage sale.

This weekend, we have the first of two June weddings.  Because of the expense from these, we will be traveling very little this summer.  Day trips to the beach (Bolivar Peninsula) are fun and inexpensive, so we will be doing that often (God willing).

Hopefully the kids will soon get into the summer routine so we can relax and enjoy day at a time. 

How do you tackle summertime boredom?

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Jeni said...

Never summertime boredom here! EVER! I crave boredom so much now. Life is just so so busy..... I do know how kids gets "bored" so easily. That's okay though, boredom is good for them. It makes them appreciate the busy things to do.