Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Miss Busybody
by Laurie Kolp

Little Miss Busybody
met Mr. Clodhopper
on a warm and cloudy day,
while searching for
a satellite dish
willing to try a modern way.

Little Miss Busybody,
curious about the country boy,
followed him throughout the store.
Mr. Clodhopper turned and said,
with a flash in his baby blue eyes,
“What are you hounding me for?”

Little Miss Busybody
folded her skinny arms
and gave him a knowing look,
“I want you to help me
with this satellite dish,
and then for you I will cook.”

Little Miss Busybody
helped him load his truck
then told him to follow behind.
When she lost him along the way
the talk of the town she became;
Mr. Clodhopper had robbed her blind.

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