Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Poo" on whistling

Do you know how to teach a child to whistle?  Poor Andrew feels bad because Nicholas can whistle and he can't, so we have been trying to teach him how to whistle.  All he is getting, though, are some good laughs and a lot of crazy suggestions.  Pete and I whistle differently, so we both tried to teach Andrew "our way."  Nothing happened.  We even looked on the Internet and found silly ideas to try.  Saying words like pah, tuka, dada, ladle, loo, oodle, you-you-you, oy-oy-oy-oy and oy-you while looking in a mirror got us nowhere.  Of course, saying poo over and over had us in stitches. Breathing in and out while puckering up made Andrew practically hyperventilate.  After all these attempts, Nicholas said he did not know how to whistle anymore and Andrew learned nothing.  And Katie?  She escaped to her room when we started this silly nonsense.

Do you have any suggestions for teaching Andrew to whistle?

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Jeni said...

Those are definetely some Memories to Cherish!!! I don't know how either. I eventually reverted to the inverted whistle by squeezing my lower lip together & breathing in to make a LOUD whistling sound - usually only good at football games.