Friday, June 25, 2010

Pete's paper route

Pete and his newspapers:
This morning at 6:30 our doorbell began ringing incessantly.  I first thought there had been some kind of accident on our street and someone needed help.  A quick peek out the peephole revealed a little boy standing with something in his hands.  When I opened the door, he handed me the newspaper and said, "Here.  I ran out of bags."  Then I watched him get into the passenger side of a U-Haul and move down to the next house that received a newspaper.

I was reminded of my self-motivated husband's tenacity.  Pete's first job was as a paper boy when he was thirteen, and he rode his bike to deliver the newspapers.  In fact, Pete had a goal in mind; he wanted to buy a horse.  So he bagged the papers and threw them everyday, like a mailman who cannot let the weather slow him down (but Pete delivered his papers dry, unlike our mailman who delivers our mail sopping wet from his sweat).  Pete reached his goal and bought Sue, his first horse (pictured below).  What an accomplishment!

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Jeni said...

yes what an accomplishment. Can't believe the lil one actually rang the doorbell!! i yi yi!
I had to walk the pup out at 3:30 in the morning & ran into the paper deliverers in front of my door ~ scared the bajeebies outta both me & Honey!