Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At Peace
by Laurie Kolp

I am not at peace.
My head is a caldron
of negative contemplation
marshaled by fear and unease.
Worries roil in boiling water
as overcooked anxieties create
a stench from which no scent can fuse.
How will I be able to do all of this?
Can I handle what is on my plate?
What if I don’t succeed?
Do I have the strength?
Is this… my, me, I?
I am not at peace.

I am at peace.
My head is as calm as
the eye of a hurricane and
love transcends all my thoughts
as I bask in the warmth of serenity.
I close my eyes and let the spirit
transfuse my soul with certainty,
a reassurance that all is okay.
When I let go and surrender
with prayer and faith,
I need not fret anymore;
He is in charge,
I am at peace.

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