Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What is magical about age?

Is there anyone out there who feels their age?  How are we supposed to feel anyway?  Maybe there is magical formula somewhere that calculates how grown-ups should feel.  I don't know about you, but I still feel young.  And I act young.  It is not until I look in the mirror, or wake up to snaps, crackles and pops (not cereal, folks) that I know I am getting older.  I act like an adult and do my job as mother and wife, but deep down inside, I do not feel any older than I did in my early twenties twenty years ago~ OUCH.

You know what else?  Sometimes I just want my mom.  For example, when I get sick I hate being an adult.  I want my mom to take care of me like she did when I was little (husbands don't quite cut it, sorry Pete).  Sometimes I want someone else to do the laundry and clean the house, like when I was little.  Instead I just trudge along and do what is next.

I think it is ironic that children cannot wait to get older, but adults wish they were younger.  Why is that?  Is there something spectacular that is supposed to happen at that magical age that nobody knows what it is?  I am just going to try to stay in the moment, enjoy the day, NOT look in the mirror and feel what I feel.  That is what I think is magical about age...enjoying it.


Peggy Clement said...

I used to get upset with each birthday. But I have to say, this year I woke up, and immediately thanked God for letting me see another one. Age is only a number. And you are only as old as you feel.(For me, some days that is quite old. lol)And you are right, Laurie, sometimes I still need my mom when things are hectic.

Jeni said...

Nice thoughts Laurie... i think we all feel like that. At least, those of us with memories of a mom who did take care of us. I am grateful to say that I did! We can dream right? someone to cook, clean and run errands for us... awwwwww ~ maybe next lifetime!
Your last sentence is "right on".. Stay in the moment. Be happy to be alive and be able to feel old!