Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Echoes from Without
by Laurie Kolp

Silent dreams
Silent echoes
Echoes of sin
Echoes within
Within the secrets
Within the rules
Rules to make
Rules to break
Break speed
Break dreams
Dreams destroyed
Dreams honored
Honored victims
Honored heroes
Heroes in darkness
Heroes in light
Light in flight
Light of hope
Hope and scope
Hope reborn
Reborn promises
Reborn city
City sincere
City of fear
Fear then faith
Fear souvenir
Souvenir shops
Souvenir junk
Junk graffiti
Junk throughout
Throughout the subway
Throughout my mind
Mind over matter
Mind behind
Behind the scenes
Behind New York
New York City
New York scene
Scene on Broadway
Scene of obscene
Obscene peddlers
Obscene gestures
Gestures from drivers
Gestures of kindness
Kindness within
Kindness without
Without the realms
Without doubt

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