Sunday, August 1, 2010

Now I get it

Can you believe it is already August?  Where has the time gone?  Between swimming team, Taekwondo and dance team, the kid's summer activities have kept us extremely busy.  I find myself counting down the days until school starts.

I remember when I taught second grade in The Woodlands.  I was single and had not a care in the world (although at the time I THOUGHT I did).  I could never understand the teachers that were moms.   They would get to work very early on Mondays and just sit at their desk.  I would be running around at the last minute, sure to have arrived with no time to spare, and they would appear to be in some yoga-like trance.  I thought maybe they had seen a ghost, or had bad news. 

When I asked them if everything was okay, they would just smile and say, "Yes.  I am enjoying a little peace and quiet after my hectic weekend with all the kid's activities.  I have to come to work on Mondays to slow down and rest."

Now I understand.

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Jeni said...

Hehe... "... come to work on Monday's to slow down and rest." That's funny! It's all perspective when we put our eggs of daily life into one basket huh? My "little peace" is my trainride to the city with my Spa Radio tunes in my ears as I beat the hustle & bustle of NYC. Peace in the city ~ yes! i can do it ;)