Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school

Today was the first day of school, the first year all three children are not at the same school.   Katie started middle school/junior high (or whatever you want to call it) today.  Now she has to wear a uniform, use a locker and change classes for each subject. I was nervous all day- I usually get antsy with any kind of change.  I was not worried about the boys...they have wonderful teachers this year.  But Katie was a different story.  And luckily, the good Lord kept me busy all day so that I didn't have to think about it.

Here's what happened-

One of Pete's new employees just moved here in the middle of last week.  Unfortunately, the man broke his big toe when a piece of furniture fell on it, so he can't drive for a while.  His wife doesn't drive either.  He and his wife have a daughter entering seventh grade.  We all thought she would attend the same school as Katie, since their apartments are within walking distance to the school (the apartment complex even told them so).    This morning Katie and I picked them up while Pete took the boys to their school (I had met their teachers last Friday).

The line for registration was very long, and so they told me to go do whatever- they would call when done.  Well, I did not get a call for two hours.  When I picked them up at 10:00, they were very upset.  Apparently their apartments are zoned for another middle school (people across the street can go to Katie's school, though).  I drove them to the administration office, where they were placed on another waiting list.  This time, they called me back a little over an hour later.  Their request for transfer did not go through, so the other school would have to do. 

After getting turned around once, I finally got the tired, frustrated family to the other school at 1:00.  We were surprised (well, not really) when we read a big sign posted outside the office:

Registration closed for today.  Come back tomorrow.

I urged them to at least go inside and get the stack of papers to fill out, so hopefully tomorrow will be better for them.  After that, I dropped them off at their apartment and went home for a little while.  I would soon turn around and go to the carpool lines for my kids.

Guess what?  Everyone had a fantastic day.  The boys LOVE their teachers and Katie is ecstatic about middle school.  Thank you, God, for keeping me busy today.

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Jeni said...

What a great mom and neighbor you are.... so happy to hear the kids had a great first day of school and everything worked out... it always does, doesn't it?