Monday, April 23, 2012

My Most Beautiful Thing

There's something in the water today, a splash of love felt throughout the World Wide Web. Do you feel it? Would you like a bit? Please take a seat and let me explain.

Fiona Robyn, creator of "small stones" and co-founder (with her husband Kaspalita) of the Writing Our Way Home writing community, has written a novel The Most Beautiful Thing. It is free for the Kindle on Amazon today and tomorrow. I loved it and I'm sure you will, too.

So the splash is actually a wave of blogs spreading the news and sharing with the world their most beautiful things. Read more about it here.

I've been thinking for weeks about my most beautiful thing. The key word here is MOST, which means ONE. There are many things dear and beautiful to me; how could I choose just one?

Of course my family was tops on the list. I decided to ask them what their most beautiful things were in hopes that I could weasel my way out of this debacle. Here are the answers I received.

Pete: Me

Katie: Trees

Andrew: A sunset

Nicholas: Me

It was getting down to the wire and I was starting to have a panic attack. My children are so very precious, as is Pete. My present life is very dear to me because without it I would have nothing. Cardinals (you know how much they mean to me) and other birds are so gorgeous. I love the beach, nature, writing, reading, blah blah blah-ing.

That's when it hit me. I knew what my most favorite thing was. It's LOVE.

Love is my most beautiful thing! Without it, where would we be? Love is in the air we breath, the mountains we climb, the trickle of a river on a quiet wooded path, the sound of laughter in the park. It's childbirth and death; the circle of life. Love is being at peace and knowing all will be okay. It's trust, hope, forgiveness, acceptance. Love is God. God is love.

Now I've told you my favorite thing. What's yours?

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Christine L. Villa said...

Beautiful! Yes, LOVE is the most beautiful thing! Thanks for sharing! :-)


Christine L. Villa said...

Oops! I forgot to say that I really is wonderful to have Blogsplash. I makes anybody happy just seeing all these beautiful things :-)

teri said...

So many blessings- and love holding them altogether. Gods grace continues to hold you tight to the most beautiful thing. xo

Fi said...

Great post. Mine was to do with my family tree and what's made me me. Thanks for sharing.

Fiona Robyn said...

I was hoping someone would say love :) x

honestspeaks said...

Yes, Love! I completely agree. Love makes the world go round, doesn't it?
Lovely post.

Linda H. said...

OMG...I was going to say love but figured that was a given and that we should pick something other than that. But the think I decided to post about was chosen because it reminds me of all the family and friends I love and those who love me. (That includes you, Laurie.)

Oh, by the way, I love your new banner. Did a friend create this artwork? It's very nice.

Michelle said...

love-ly blog post!

I did chuckle at your family responses to the question. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Michelle said...

Great post Laurie! Yes, Love is the most beautiful thing! I love your family's response too!

jaerose said...

Hope i think..with hope you can try to find love..thank you for making me think of something good on this rainy afternoon..Jae

Fi said...

Great post. I was a fellow Most Beautiful Thing poster too.

By the way, I've awarded you the Beautiful Blog award. You're mentioned as a nominee on my blog.