Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Mysterious

A feeling you get
that something’s not right,
an instinct, a hunch
when out of sight

but not out of mind
like things from the past
swept under the rugs
stuffed in closets, last

year she discovered
a cousin three times removed
had wrestled a fox
at the zoo, ain’t that rude?

And hillbilly grandma,
what a scandalous thing,
running off with thief
when he gave her a ring.

Shh! Please don’t tell
the last one’s a bitch
no, a bastard, I think-
which one is witch?

Yes, this feeling you get
about family history
an instinct, a hunch
this secretive mystery.


©laurie kolp

Prompt inspirations:
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Day 12- NaPoWriMo


Brian Miller said...

snort...haha...this is funny...the things we find in family history...cant remember if i told mom had hers done a few years ago after my dad found royalty in his...the only royalty on my moms side was a king...names Fatass...terrible...

Herotomost said...

I heard from my mother that my biological father was supposed to be robbing a bank with my uncle, who got shot and killed in the process of robbing said bank, but father got off of work late or some such wonder I am such a Families, what are you giong to do. this was too funny, and too true. Loved it.

Mary said...

Ah yes, this is really cool. Families all have their secrets, I think; but many times the secrets are not secrets at all...but only the involved THINK the things are not known. I know in my aunts' and uncles' generations a few wedding dates were 'changed'to a previous year and a few children 'arrived early.' I found this out from my mom rather late in her life. But for YEARS these things were kept secret! I liked your poem, and it definitely tweaked some memories of my own.

Eva Gallant said...

Ha ha! Loved this take on skeletons in our closets!

Eva Gallant said...

Ha ha! Loved this take on skeletons in our closets!

Marianne said...

I think genealogy is fascinating! Your poem is fun and light-hearted. I especially like that hillbilly grandma!

Helen said...

Loved this ~~ Last year I found a first cousin I never knew existed .. what a treat!!!

Margaret said...

Mary's comment is funny... dates changed for "convenience". Oh, family, family, family...

Loved that you kept a rhyme going - something I need to work on.

teri said...

A light-hearted look at family secrets. Really nice.