Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two More for Day 29

Richard Simmons
from obese to SLIMmins
an energizer bunny
on steroids who’s funny.

NaPoWriMo- Clerihew


Thoughts During Sunday Mass

He said he’d rather sleep in church
than go back to bed
and now he’s carrying up the wine

while my other son examines
his pinky finger
which is crooked like mine.

My daughter sits close to her daddy
who she favors
except for that thick wavy hair.

It’s colder than Antarctica
in this place
but love's radiance fills the air.

PA- Take a line from another poem, mine was it's colder than Antarctica.


teri said...

Thoughts on Sunday Mass... brilliant. SO familiar I am wondering how I can sew my childhood memories into a poem. Oh and yes I still go to Mass, but my mind wanders differently now. The imaginations and musings that used to go through my head back then.xo teri

Brian Miller said...

ha i like the second...the little glimpses of each person in the family...i can relate to the son examining his finger...and i like that love resounds over all in the end...smiles...

missed church today...shh...was busy enjoying the sun a bit on our trip...smiles.

Dave King said...

A wonderful little vignette. (Not the line I would have imagined you to have taken.)

Mary said...

My church is often "colder than Antarctica" too. I wear my jacket, whereas many don't. Brrrrrr... Nicde writes, Laurie.