Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Listen

So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because that's where you will find success. On the far side of failure.

~Thomas J. Watson, Sr.


I don’t want to write this poem
I don’t want to say a thing
To hell with a life event
And an engagement ring

I don’t want to tell you
It wasn’t the first
And how one was shunned
For an unquenchable thirst

I don’t want you to know
It flew from finger to bush
When I crash-landed, yes
Hit the ground with a swoosh

I don’t want to bore you
Or rehash it again
The broken tooth
And stitched-up chin

I don’t want to forget
The small price paid
When God intervened-
The best mistake I ever made

©laurie kolp

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Janet Martin said...

Oh Laurie....I am so excited to 'meet' new favorite quotes and this has to be one of them...and the poem to match...raw and real and do tender to finish I LOVE it!

Janet Martin said...

oops..meant SO tender:)

Karen said...

I don't believe much in's destiny! Your poem illustrates this so well - "God intervened"

kaykuala said...

By the will of the Almighty, on hindsight we realize how fortunate it happened. There must be a reason it did not go through in the first place! Great write Laurie!


Brian Miller said...

and that is grace...smiles...and well on that you can close the chapter and not go back...the playful beat to this provides a nice contrast to most of it...

Mary said...

Sometimes, though painful, the mistakes made teach valuable lessons.

Unknown said...

Love the life lessons poem!!!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I so love this poem! especially as it has a happy ending:)

Marianne said...

A great quote, Laurie, and an amazing poem. I love the idea of the mistake as God's intervention!

Ella said...

Wow Laurie....
You were fated to take another path~
How insightful! I am sorry you were in pain, but maybe this huge neon sign detoured you from a whole heap more~ Powerful!

the wild magnolia said...

i feel the pressure, the pain, the need to shake this off, and I feel the relief.

Very good writing.

Anonymous said...

"On the far side of failure." Yes, that is a quote to remember. Your poem speaks to me too, the story it tells, the way the "don't want to"s come down to the happy realization that a mistake made turned out to be a good one.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful illustration of how everything that happens in our lives leads us to where we are now.

Daydreamertoo said...

If we believe in God, all things are possible.
Powerful, lovely

rch said...

It's not always easy remembering that when in the midst of failing but hopefully we learn through hindsight, nice lyrical piece.

Dave King said...


I don’t want to tell you
It wasn’t the first
And how one was shunned
For an unquenchable thirst

This seems to be the necessary element in every testimony.

Carrie Van Horn said...

I have hit the ground with a swoosh a time or two myself....i can so relate to this poem Laurie! So much truth in this one! :-)

Anonymous said...

if we didn't' make mistakes how would we learn


Linda H. said...

I've never come across that quote before. Love it!

Great message in your poem today.