Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dirty Laundry

I wrote this poem today while sitting in the downtown theatre during Katie's dance practices and dress rehearsal. We had enough time to come home for an early dinner, and since I am constantly doing laundry, I did a load while we were home. I did not think much of the fact that four different colored crayons were in the bottom of the washing machine when I put the clothes in the dryer. That is, not until I went to fold the clothes. They were all ruined! Crayons stain clothes, friends, just like ink. This happened last week to one of Pete's nice dress shirts. We were stumped at what the black marks could be, since he uses blue pens. Shout did NOT remove the stains, so we had to throw the brand new shirt away. And, yes, we will have to throw away the whole load of the kids school clothes- they are all marked up with red, yellow, orange and blue. I have a feeling I know who has been storing crayons in his pants pockets. I guess I'll have to start digging through them before I wash - sigh- as if I had the time. Anyway, here is the poem inspired from the events of my day:

Dirty Laundry
by Laurie Kolp

"It will all come out in the wash,"
so the old saying goes.
Were they talking about family secrets,
or crayon stains on clothes?

Dirty laundry can be deceiving,
and sometimes seem quite mean.
But do your mother a favor,
and keep your pockets clean.

Good night everyone!!

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Jeni said...

Good blog & poem Laurie... We can all relate to that. newsflash.... it doesn't stop at kids. I have lighters, matches, business cards & chapstiks all the time.