Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Down the Pole

Nicholas is so funny ...and mischievous, but so darned cute he gets away with it. When I pick the kids up from school, he is usually one of the first ones out the door, and he stops by a pole, steps on the bench and slides down the pole, like a fireman. Today I told him he'd better not do that- he could get in trouble if a teacher saw him. Do you know what he said?
"Well, mom, I always do that when the time is right."
I said, "And when is that?"
"When the teachers aren't looking."
That's my Nicholas!
My youngest is also a sweetheart. Last night when I was putting Nicholas to bed, he started crying because he misses Sadie, our yellow lab so much. We had to put her to sleep right before Thanksgiving. He saw this picture of Pete with her that Pete is going to take to work. Poor guy cried and cried. We said a special prayer and asked God to pet her for us in dog heaven. I know Mary is petting her- she was such a dog lover. We miss them both!

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Jeni said...

You better believe it ! Mary is taking good care. In the box of pics Brian sent, I had a dozen pics of her with her dogs. She always had to get rid of them because Brian was "done" with them. Now she has yours, ours and the family pet Joshua with her.
Nicholas is adorable. Sounds like a good logical answer if you ask me! A boy after my own heart :).